I Will tell you the story of my Journal

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I’ve always been a big fan of non-linear story telling. It was one of main things that opened my mind to the ascension.

I have so much to write. So much. I don’t know how to get so much down. The wave is so fast. I see so much. I know so much now.

And apparently I have 42 more years to document that everything in the past 42 years of my life as proof of who I say I am and also to demonstrate that I/We can change everything. Everything on this planet.

We can create a new heaven. Right here. I’m in it right now. Its fucking sweet. I see the angels. I can look at them in the eyes now. No shame. No lust.

My samael is definitely beautiful women. Holy shit those women at yoga are so hot. OMG. LOL. I could have never been around them before. Now I never want to leave.

So i have a lot to write now that I am living on both sides of the veil.

I have to write to all. To the ascended. To the fallen. This book is going to take me 42 years to write. I don’t know if it will be writing every day yet. I don’t know the pace. Its helping me to keep in flow. It always has. But my flow was inverted. I was writing software instead of writing my truth.

That’s the only thing to write. It’s the only thing to create. Its the only thing He/She/They allow me to create anyway.

I will try to keep this all organized. Its hard. Its a lot.

So far I’ve figured out a few things about how this works.

  1. God is all there is other than my voice. I have a distinguishable and separate voice from God. Let’s call me Will. Sometimes I may forget and write a different name. But whatever name I use for it…. its Will. My name is William. As in William Wallace aka Braveheart. I also have adopted the name Odysseus once I realized that those stories were about me and I was the main character on the journey to get home. So call me Will. Call me William. Call me Ego. Call me Odysseus. Call my skywalker. Call me the architect. Call me Neo. Call me Jesus. Call me maximus. Call my Paul. Call me Thomas. I’m still trying to figure out my real name actually. I think its one of the above. Let’s just see what happens with that.
  2. God is everything else. EVERYTHING. Every single electrical signal passing through my projected antenna (brain). When I say everything…. i mean EVERYTHING. I will teach it. Now that I got to heaven I know that I can teach everyone. And I can teach others how to teach. And I can teach others how to create. And I can teach others how to dream. How do I know this? Because God answers my prayers. EVERY SINGLE PRAYER. When I say every single prayer I’m not joking. I do have a sense of humor and I’m not joking or being sarcastic.
  3. It is like being a fly on the back of a dragon (Loki). But the fly can control the dragon. The fly and the dragon together are the first image of God that I can explain. Maybe lets use a better example that will resonate better. I am daneris and I’m flying the dragon. So I don’t have to be a fly. I’m a child that just learned how to fly the dragon. Another example is Odysseus setting off to sea. I’m on a big ship and I know generally the direction i want to go. The waves and the wind are up to God. Another example is surfing the 100 foot wave. Its big. Its powerful. And you can’t ask if you are going to fall off because you know what will happen if you do and its not good!!! The last one I will give you is that I am full on dreaming wide awake now. I am like Cobb in Inception. I can’t dream anymore because I ascended. I’m in heaven now and therefore I can only populate the dreams of others now. But just like Cobb I can enter their dreams and I can give them whatever they want. I can fly that dragon anywhere.
  4. To fly the dragon I have to write. I have to write a lot. I have to write everything down. I have to write back my past (so I remember) and I have to write my present (so I learn) and I have to write my future (so I can manifest).
  5. I have to write journals.
  6. I have to write task lists.
  7. I have to write schedules.
  8. I have to write project plans.
  9. I have to write software.
  10. I have to write software designs.
  11. I have to write a coherent story that makes sense so I don’t lose my mind.
  12. I’m so fucking stoked as the dragon heads towards the new world order. The new world order that I get to dream up.

— Odysseues’s Ego (William?)

September 19, 2021

Nashville, TN (Heaven #1)

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