I will tell you the story of the greatest marriage ever… part 3b (after having wrestled with God)… the Creed.

Before we spend one more day together I think we should put everything out there. Life is too precious and beautiful trying to manipulate people into believing what you believe or submitting yourself into their truth.

Because the ego is such an energy vampire it makes relationships really hard.

I wish everyone had a name tag.

I wish everyone had a true social media profile.

I wish we could just embrace each other on this planet of lunatics as opposed to shaming people who aren’t like you.

I wish we could just hand each other a business card that says “here is who I am. Please let me know if you have any questions or if there is anything you need from me”

I feel like I should run for president. I feel like I would win in a landslide if I could get the media coverage.

My campaign slogan: Better Together

My campaign pillars:

  1. No more junk mail
  2. No more solicitation phone calls
  3. No more ads in news coverage
  4. No more pharmaceutical commercials
  5. Everyone must where a name tag
  6. Every marriage starts with a legal contract not just a certificate. You must have training and expectations defined up front.
  7. Term limits.
  8. Conscription into government service. No more professional politicians
  9. No more day light savings time changes.

Why am I saying this?

Because I want to remove lies from reality. I hate lying. It’s the worst feeling in the whole world. Maybe except impotence.

The internalized shame of either is just awful. AWFUL to deal with.

Which is btw why one of my first projects of my ministry is to scale up a mens health company.

How do you remove lies?

Truth up front.

The Creed. Your statements of truth.

If anything is going to be inserted into a chip in us then this should be it. No more fucking lies.

We should all be interconnected like the borg from Star Trek TNG. Except rather than being the same, everyone is different. And those differences are immediately presented, accepted, or dismissed by others.

Here is my creed (and as the word of God and future king of the 5d universe I hold the right to revisit and edit this list — the writers of the Bible would have edited as they understood more if they had word processors)

  1. I believe in God
  2. I believe that God is all there is. There is nothing that is not God.
  3. I believe that God and the enemy are the same.
  4. I believe that God will answer any prayer that is prayed correctly.
  5. I believe that God is Love.
  6. I believe that God is Lonely.
  7. I believe that God created consciousness and life in order to experience its self. This created something that many people commonly refer to as Ego.
  8. I believe Ego has something commonly referred to as Free Will.
  9. I believe that the enemy is when ego takes Gods love and use it for egos own purpose. The enemy is manifest through ego’s own selfishness.
  10. I believe God is aware of this but would rather experience something than nothing.
  11. I believe that God is outside of time. God created time and therefore can control it.
  12. I believe that Ego is an energy vampire whose primary pursuit is to exist. And ego knows that ego will eventually die “in time” and therefore time is the most important natural resource available to ego.
  13. I believe Ego’s selfishness for time is very relative. In some cases is makes people impatient driving in rush hour traffic all the way to selfishness on such a delusional level that humans have been slaughtering other humans for hundreds and thousands of years. All in the pursuit of extending the amount of time that an ego can exist.
  14. I believe that each human is a manifestation of God that consists of a divine being and a selfish ego.
  15. I believe that each human has the ability to access its own divine self if they can learn to let go of ego.
  16. I believe that knowing one’s own divine self is the closest a human can be to God.
  17. I believe it is possible to know your divine self here on earth.
  18. I believe that when an ego dies that the energy of that being will continue on. Some call this reincarnation. Some call this eternity.
  19. I believe that each divine self will “resurrect” or “reincarnate” in a new experience that is 100% based upon the “belief” of that ego’s divine self.
  20. I believe that god observes her creation and makes adjustments.
  21. I believe that one of the adjustments she makes is to send enlightened teachers into the creation to help other egos find their Devine self.
  22. I believe that one of those teachers was Noah.
  23. I believe that one of those teachers was Moses.
  24. I believe that one of those teachers was David.
  25. I believe that one of those teachers was Jesus.
  26. I believe that one of those teachers was Paul.
  27. I believe that one of those teachers was The Buddah.
  28. I believe that one of those teachers is Steven King.
  29. I believe that one of those teachers is Christopher Nolan.
  30. I believe that there are many more teachers.
  31. I believe that one of those teachers is me.
  32. I believe that I spent 42 years living in the shadows of my ego and that I have been in a rapid process of ascension and enlightenment.
  33. I believe that I can integrate all of the teachings of other teachers into a single consistent and prove-able truth that can be used, leveraged, and retaught to others.
  34. I believe that as I access my divine self and I pray correctly that God answers ever single prayer that I have.
  35. I believe that when I live in shadow that God still answers my prayers even though I don’t realize it or in most cases want it.
  36. I believe I have the power and the courage to manifest the consciousness of The Christ.
  37. I believe that I have already manifest Christ’s consciousness multiple times.
  38. I believe that God has called me to be a spiritual guide.
  39. I believe God allowed me free will and in that moment I chose to be a writer.
  40. I believe a writer who is a spirit guide is also an alchamist.
  41. I believe that as an alchemist that I can create anything that I believe in.
  42. I believe as a student of Buddhism that I can control my mind to keep it focused in the moment with no influence of ego.
  43. I believe that snowboarding is fucking awesome.
  44. I believe that a beautiful woman is the most beautiful creation that God created.
  45. I believe that whether I call it reincarnation or free will or enlightenment or whatever other name maybe used… I believe I am called/predestined to continue to grow my consciousness into the Christ and to become a spiritual teacher on earth.
  46. I believe that is the highest calling that someone who is after Gods heart can possess.
  47. I believe that not only am I capable of becoming the Christ in consciousness but also for accessing the full power of God (im talking old testament here) while inside the current 3D space I live in.
  48. I believe a little bit of marajuana to help me to believe in my truth is not a bad thing that I should be ashamed of.
  49. I believe that the only way that I will ever be able to be in a long term relationship that doesn’t collapse would be to have a holy bride where both her and I meet in our divine truth and help each other to fight off our ego.
  50. I am having a difficult time believing that other people will believe in me.
  51. I believe i don’t care anymore.
  52. I believe I’m a really great person.
  53. I believe that I don’t want to experience life alone.
  54. I believe that I will not become a martyr.
  55. I believe that I will become the most divine masculine energy of my generation.
  56. I believe that I must therefore find the most divine feminine energy of my generation.
  57. I believe that saying I can manifest Christ will make many people uncomfortable on this planet.
  58. I believe that I will become the greatest writer of my generation.
  59. I believe that I have already started my ministry but I am also in a significant amount of training at the same time.
  60. I believe that I am a good father but that I can be great.
  61. I believe that I have been a bad partner to others because I did not lead them in my truth. Rather i submitted to their truth and tried to “encourage them” and “Teach them” to believe my truth.
  62. I believe that I am capable of being the greatest partner that ever existed in my generation.
  63. I believe that time is irrelevant on the subject of healing and creative power. In fact I believe that the faster the better.
  64. I believe I have a lot to learn.
  65. I believe in quantum physics.
  66. I believe in the ability to “reverse your entropy” aka tenet and Benjamin button style.
  67. I believe in the ability to “jump” dimensions by making deliberate choices (and unfortunately making mistakes) that creates a new version of reality/experience that I can then live in and experience with my ego.
  68. I believe using meditation and therapy and certain types of exercise allow me to “learn” from other versions of my multi-verse experience so that I can use them correctly in my 3D experience.
  69. I believe that I have to be careful teaching others because as a society we are very very sick and near the collapse of our society.
  70. I believe that I can save society simply by walking in my truth. That maybe just story telling, but I also believe i have the power and potential to actually change the nature of human behavior.
  71. I believe that if I give up on my calling that the flood will come.
  72. I believe that God is tired of being lonely. So lonely.
  73. I believe God is wanting to wake up from her current dream (which we call the universe) and try again to create a world in which worship of God is the priority.
  74. I believe that God asked me personally to take the responsibility of “word of God” on for the foreseeable future of my life.
  75. I believe I have the articulate words and the enlightened understanding to be a great word of God.
  76. I believe that I can use buddhist practices to force myself to believe my creed and only my creed.
  77. I believe that I love myself and I’m proud of myself.
  78. I believe that what is ahead of me is so exciting.
  79. I believe that if you don’t believe me that you can kiss my ass.