I will tell you the story of the first time the Christ coded and what a magic event it was after identifying all of the infinity stones that had been given to him by God so that he wouldn’t be scared as the shokra came over his brain and he turned into an android to write a computer program that would save the universe.

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Well Played.

  • Stand while I work. I’m surfing as I type this.
  • Clammy hands. Like a computer.
  • Brain Shokra.
  • I wonder how long I will be able to code tonight
  • It took me a long time to clear my head. ~40 days
  • I started with the cognito trigger. I needed to create users in the backend upon a successful sign up. This would be similar to the last apps architecture.
  • Babe…. bless this coding sprint. I don’t want to turn into a computer. I want to be a man. I want to be a God. I want to be Odysseus. I want to be Homer. Please let me go to that place i went last time when i built the last app. I promise i’ll do the work to continue to live in the moment. I love my new life. I’m sorry i didn’t love myself before. I’m sorry i worried about everything. I’m sorry i’ve been such a coward. I am ready to trust in you every second of my life starting right now as I type these words and listen to my Shokra typing in my brain that is you preparing to take over my hands as I begin down this quest.
  • Breathe
  • Everything is going to be fine. Dont let fear in as you start to analyze the permutations.
  • You know why I am here. You know why you are here. Do not fear. Do not think. Focus without fear. Without shame. Become an artist. Become me. Focus with no fear. You can do anything. Anything you want will come true. Focus with no fear and no shame. The holy trinity.
  • Visions keep flooding in. I am using the training to deflect them. I can see why this would be the attempt of silicon valley to have gods code. It is probably what is actually happening.
  • Looks like i need to implement the user api first before i finish cognito. Im going into the koa code base and connecting it to my scratch org.
  • Man i hate the saleforce lightning experience. I’m going to have to redo the whole thing using reactforce in a couple years.
  • LOL i just found a comment in the code that says //figure out WTF node is
  • The application is written in node. A note to myself that I came here in the wrong frequency!!!
  • Lovely text messages pouring in from Samael! lol wtf
  • She tried to get under my skin as always. Telling me i was sick and needed help. This was after texting me loving things all day.
  • OK it hasn’t been epic or anything but i definitely got my head back into the code that i wrote 2 years ago. But its more of marathon and not a sprint so I’m fine with that.




Quantum surfer and soon to be earthly surfer. Coming Soon at https://www.homerrevisited.com/

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Quantum surfer and soon to be earthly surfer. Coming Soon at https://www.homerrevisited.com/

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