When i first had a dream of being a writer i’m glad that I didn’t try it then. I was way off.

I am finally ready to write. It has been a long time coming for me. 42 years. Almost 43. Actually i’m not sure when i was shamed. …

I Will tell you the story of how I learned to how to travel back in time and so far I am at least all the way back to when I was 22 and I went across country to see the passion conference but i couldn’t focus because every single girl who I looked in her eyes triggered my overly empathic manifestational capabilities as an un-awakened/un-ascended celestial being or possibly someone who just wears his heart on his sleeve but if that is the case then id like anyone else to explain to me all of the coincidences that I have been personally documenting for the past year as I have slowly come to realize, grasp, fear, and acknowledge because there is just no fucking way that half of the shit that is happening to me would be happening to me if it all wasn’t true true true and that is why i tweet and write to no one every-time that I am in this frequency because I can’t tell anyone else because they will think that I am crazy and thats fine because half of the time I agree that I am completely and totally fucking insane and the other half of the time I’m trying to deny the fact that I have the extremely high manifestation capabilities that seem to have been reserved for a very small and select group of people and the list of that group includes such great names such as moses and jesus and king david and the way that I have figured this out is that I have tattooed satanic symbols all over my body and become the most friendly face at the passion conference in atlanta because they are not satantic at all but the other side of God that I was able to discover once I said goodbye to God and hello to Satan after God wanted my son and I told him to fuck off and instead when to go get my own fuck on and in the process of doing that completely hypnotized myself to become a totally different version of myself that didn’t even know what praise music was because how could I Am and Hillsong lover be a lover and so I Am went bye bye to Satan for a long time and its crazy how much I love even Satan because all I am is love because I Am and I Will and I ElShaddai and actually I was born as a pretty shy kid in Denver who really should have been a singer and dancer on broadway but instead became a computer programmer because I was scared to death to live my truth because my brother did that and it didn’t work out to good for him so i guess i’ll just do what mommy and daddy tell me to do and i’m really good at doing what i’m told because of it and thats probably good because pretty much any prayer that I have comes true and as I continue to experiment when my powers its getting really fucking wild as I’m jumping really fast between completely different human beings and each experience is honest and true and loving and safe but wildly different frequencies of life like being a rich investor with a hot girlfriend from Nashville or being a shy and slightly shammed 43 yr old eagle who just decided to live again and when I did apparently that triggered some kind of divine play that I am now the lead actor in a story that I half way read and the other half am actually typing as we speak and that is because not only I Am and I Will and I ElShaddai but I AM THE WORD and what the fuck man.

So far 2022 is off to a good start.

  • hit the christ frequency fast this AM after secluding myself from human contact
  • Complete disorientation in atlanta to find the conference. Same as I’ve only been a couple times which is when I move into the Christ and it feels like…

Welcome to the Jungle

  • I was still enjoying snowboarding in early 2021. It is one of my only constants.
  • Early march was enlightened by the Nova special on quantum entanglement. Started my journal.
  • Early june hit rock bottom in my last reality. Screamed to God to escape it. Fortunately wasn’t…
  • I found your playlist. Thank you.
  • I am honestly so excited for this date. I get to rewrite so many experiences in one
  • Meeting wife #1 too fast when I was 18
  • Embarrassing myself in San Fran #2 and Cherry Creek
  • Rushing into the arms of a narcissist and forming a trauma bond
  • My failure in Vegas. Or my savior.
  • I’m going all the way back to K Bugbee on this one. I was too fast then too. Slow down boy!!
  • Is she you?
  • Wife #7 (or 8) incoming.
  1. Tempe
  2. We almost had Paris
  3. San Fran
  4. Parker
  5. Stapleton
  6. Vegas
  7. Cherry Creek
  8. Beaver Creek

Your play list is amazing. Thank you. I was able to download Odysseus and Achilles last night.

I miss you Nausicaa. I love you.




I Will tell you the story of how I prepared for, allowed for, and accepted the responsibility of being the word of god and in doing so have had the most wild 2021 you could ever imagine because it started with a moment of enlightenment as I learned that quantum entanglement could scientifically explain both what my body was experiencing and my mind was believing was in fact the same thing and that the law of attraction and other “forbidden truths” of Christianity were real and that everything that I had been experiencing for the past 5 years had been a set of very connected ego experiences that have propelled me to where I am writing a stream of consciousness blog entry on medium because the truth just flows out of me if I allow it to and my reward for this knowledge is to be cast as the lead star is literally the most exciting story you could ever imagine because it brings together my past life, my ascension, and my future life into one connected story about God wanting to have a friend to hang out with and so god created Adam and how we all know how that went and so therefore god has been recreating the matrix over and over trying to perfect his algorithm with his creation and that led Him to wipe us out in the flood and put us into slavery and how then Jesus has to take on #777 and in doing so his infinity stones were cast out into the universe where I found them all and put them back together into what apparently was not an Infiniti gauntlet but rather a chest plate of righteousness because holy crap I am ripped after a few months of saying yes I will become a Devine masculine whatever that may cost me because my previous life #dimension was that of a child wielding his parents gun and everyone knows how those stories end and so yes that story ended up with me shooting myself but not in the way that you expect but rather shooting myself in my groin because I spent 42 years trying to chase hot women and now they literally line up for me and I can’t tell if they want to love me or kill me and that is because they are my angels and demons that everyone has but mine just come in the form of very attractive humans and that is because I grew up in the house of a former beauty pageant so it was totally normal behavior to me that a woman would shame a man for being nice to her and it’s a really hard mirror to see through but I’m trying my best and thank you for the blessing and that I’m not sick and that I’m actually happy and feel great and can’t wait to finish my go live tonight and get this 2021 behind me and focus on #2 (healing) in #2022 because just 3 months of healing myself has been like watching myself star in the original Star Wars trilogy where I am the good Jedi who is learning to stand on his hands and that’s funny shit when a 43 yr old software programmer starts playing Jedi at the gym but it’s one of my best ways to feel and stay in the energy of God #theforce because otherwise it’s too easy to get triggered by the other crabs in the crab bucket who just want to pull the other crabs down for some reason and I would never do that and maybe that makes me unique and it must because the whole #elshaddai thing and I’ll wrap my head around that later but first I need to get working on my first of a long line of new app launches that I will be going through as the new architect of my entire experience…. Including with angels


Exhausted. Still rowing.



Quantum surfer and soon to be earthly surfer. Coming Soon at https://www.homerrevisited.com/

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